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Manage all your digitally mapped assets in one software and plan your flights with the help of our A.I tree counting algorithm

What is Airamap Desktop?

An advanced aerial mapping analytics software, Airamap Desktop is used in industrial applications to monitor your on-site situation so you can do swift and accurate decision-making. Airamap is equipped with an artificial intelligent (AI) data processing engine that cut the processing time short while maintaining the quality of the processed results.

You can then sort your results in many kinds of models and map types such as DTM, DSM, DEM, heat map and many more. These reports are extremely useful in determining necessary preventive actions, enhance operations and at the same time, reducing operational and time cost.

Precision Mapping / airamap desktop

Precision Mapping Made Easy

Analysing and visualising mapping data have never been this easy before

Cross Industry Utilisation / airamap desktop

Cross Industry Utilisation

Capture any kind of data in any industries and leave the data processing to the AI

Results Accuracy and Visualisation / airamap desktop

Reliable Results Accuracy and Visualisation

Bringing you the fastest aerial data processing with guaranteed precision and customisable results visualisation


Explore the integrated features of Airamap, optimised to solve your business problems accurately, reliably & easily.

AI-Powered Data
Processing Engine

Airamap Desktop is powered by an AI data processing engine developed especially to ensure your data is processed carefully for utmost accuracy.

Seamless Data

You can upload, view and download your files anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.

Customisable Analytics
Processing and Reports

Choose how you want to analyze your input data and download the processed results in your preferred format.

High-Accuracy GIS
Processing Capability

With 99% accuracy in tree counting, Airamap Desktop is optimised for your business in agriculture, construction and many other industries.

Clear-Cut Data

View the processed data on-screen with precise measurement in distances, area, elevation and more, in single or multiple mapping formats.

Multiple Mapping
Model Development

3D model and elevation models such as DTM, DSM, DEM, CHM and many more can be built from your data, all can be tailored to suit your needs.

Palm Oil Plantation Aerial Mapping

Experience how you can capitalise on high resolution and versatile imagery in Airamap to improve your output and profitability.

Palm Oil Plantation Aerial Mapping / airamap desktop / oryctes flight app

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