RTK GNSS receiver with tilt compensation

For surveying, mapping and navigation.
Comes with a mobile app.

Multi-band base and rover
IMU tilt compensation
LTE modem
Dual-band radio

Gets a fix in 5 seconds

Reach RS3 gets a centimeter-accurate solution in about 5 seconds. It maintains robust performance even when the sky view is partially obstructed, or the receiver itself is tilted.

GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo

L1C/A, L2C, L1OF, L2OF, B1I, B2I, E1B/C, E5b

RINEX logging and PPP support

Record raw data in the RINEX format for post-processing. You can use free PPK software, Emlid Studio, or any other software that supports RINEX. Logs are also compatible with OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP services, so you can get highly accurate results anywhere in the world.

16 GB storage

160+ days of logging at 1 Hz

Up to 22 hours on 1 charge

Reach RS3 comes equipped with a built-in, industrial-grade battery that can endure up to 22 hours of logging or 18 hours of working with tilt in RTK.

For uninterrupted multi-day operation, simply connect a power bank, just like you would with your mobile phone.

Charging via USB-C

Built-in LTE modem

Insert a SIM card into your Reach RS3 and let it broadcast or receive corrections via NTRIP.

Accurate results even with large tilt angles

The IMU-based tilt compensation in Reach RS3 enables you to make measurements with up to 60 degrees of tilt while still staying within 20 mm of accuracy.

Reach RS3 continuously measures and corrects tilt in real-time to keep you on target.

Survey and stakeout faster

Get corrections from CORS, Reach, or 3rd-party base


Base and Rover

Work in RTK with VRS or a single baseline CORS network. You can also connect another GNSS receiver as an NTRIP base using Emlid NTRIP Caster.


Any receiver with RTCM3 support

Dual-band radio

LoRa 868/915 MHz

Base and Rover

Perfect for areas with no internet coverage for NTRIP. LoRa is used when connecting Emlid receivers over the radio.


All Emlid receivers with built-in radios

UHF 450 MHz


An option to mix and match RTK receivers within your fleet. You can configure your Reach RS3 to receive corrections from an existing base.

You can also use a high-power external radio on your Reach base and connect with the UHF radio receiver in Reach RS3.


Bases with radios that transmit TRIMTALK 450S

*TRIMTALK is a trademark of Trimble Inc.

Comes with software for the field and the office

Emlid Flow

Emlid Flow efficiently manages all field-related tasks, including receiver configuration, RINEX logging, data collection, and stakeout.

For iOS and Android. The basic features are available for free to all users. Upgrade your Emlid Flow and Flow 360 with a single subscription.

  • Tilt Compensation
  • Data collection and stakeout
  • Localization
  • Coding
  • Logging
  • Background maps
  • Base and rover setup
  • Sync up to 3 devices
  • Base shift
  • CSV, DXF, SHP export and import

Emlid Flow 360

You can access your survey data via the cloud-based Emlid Flow 360, which allows you to prepare, manage, and export your projects from a browser.

The basic features are available for free to all users. Upgrade your Emlid Flow and Flow 360 with a single subscription.

  • Add WMS/WMTS layers
  • Satellite map
  • Create custom survey codes libraries
  • Export and import of survey data
  • Project management and sync

Emlid Studio

Free post-processing software for macOS and Windows.

Learn more about Emlid Studio here.

  • Kinematic processing
  • Static processing
  • RTK Drone data processing
  • Raw data analysis
  • Stop & Go with Emlid Flow

Emlid Caster

Connect up to 10 rovers to your base station via the internet or set up your own NTRIP network with Emlid Caster.

Learn more about Emlid Caster here.

  • Available for free and works worldwide
  • Works with Reach and other receivers with NTRIP support
  • RTCM3 and other correction formats support
  • Up to 5 bases and 10 rovers at the same time

Rugged and compact

Dimensions: 126 x 126 x 142 mm

Weight: 950 g


RS3 is waterproof up to a one-meter depth. Silicone plugs completely seal and protect all connectors from water and dust.

Industrial battery

The Reach RS3 Li-Ion battery handles high and low temperatures well and over 2000 cycles of charging and discharging while maintaining its original capacity.

While others are hot-swapping batteries, your Reach just keeps working.

20 to +65 ºС

We extensively tested Reach RS3 in conditions that simulate the coldest winters and hottest summers.


The body of the Reach RS3 is made of polycarbonate and coated with elastomer. The combination of these materials makes your Reach RS3 drop resistant and ready for the harshest conditions.

Comes with LoRa/UHF antenna, USB cable and carrying case with a strap

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