Omnidirectional 4K Underwater Robot


Meet FIFISH V6, the world’s first omnidirectional 4K underwater drone that delivers a complete 360° freedom of movement in the subaquatic world and the ability to film through high-definition in any direction or angle.

Powered by six vector thrusters along, a 4K ultra HD camera system, and a 100m depth rating, the FIFISH V6 empowers a vast exploration of the underwater world.

What's Inside the Box



FIFISH V6 underwater

Vivid 4000 Lumen LED Lights

FIFISH V6’s powerful lumen LED headlights drastically enhance the quality, levels, and brightness of your underwater images and footage. In addition, the AI image-sharpening and true-color algorithms help to reproduce the original and truly vibrant colors of the subaquatic world.
4k uhd camera / FIFISH V6

4K UHD Underwater Camera

FIFISH V6’s camera system delivers 4k ultra high-definition resolution filming for the user. 1080P/120FPS slow motion footage is also available, delivering optimal cinematic clarity for filming underwater.

It also supports HDMI Live Broadcasting (video output: 1080p), along with H.265/ HVEC for videos and DNG (RAW) format for images.


Long Lasting Dives

The V6 comes equipped with a large capacity and durable battery, operating for up to 4 hours on each dive. From commercial to leisure-based applications and scenarios, explore the waters and make unique discoveries while being free from low-battery anxiety.

FIFISH V6 / wide angle lens

166° Wide Angle Lens

Equipped with a 1/ 2.3 “SONY CMOS sensor and 166° field-of-view wide-angle lens, FIFISH V6 brings you the bigger picture by creating incredible wide-screen cinematic shots for your underwater adventures and filming creations.

Freedom of Movement


FIFISH V6’s patented thruster system delivers 6 degrees of freedom, providing mobility in all directions, as well as full rotations in 360° pans, tilts, and rolls. FIFISH’s Posture LockTM feature is capable of securing the drone’s angle in any direction of your choice, as you move and film across the waters.

VR Head Tracking (with VR Goggles)

FIFISH V6 / VR Goggles

Move your head left, right, up and down, diagonally, and the V6 will rotate itself intuitively. VR goggles are included in the package for users to enjoy.

FIFISH V6 applies unique sensory controls that provide the user
with a truly immersive underwater experience from the ROV’s
first-person perspective. Through the smart VR goggles, take the
QYSEA patented full 360° directional and posture control of the drone simply by rotating the head. This intelligent feature is accurate, easy to use, and a breakthrough in underwaterexploration.

The FIFISH V6 underwater drone’s combination of high performance, compact size, and affordable pricing has opened an exciting opportunity for the global consumer market to learn and discover more about the oceans that surround us.

All-Inclusive FIFISH APP

FIFISH’s dedicated APP includes customizable camera settings, exciting control modes, instant sharing options, wireless content transfers, and many more.

[Main functions] 6 modes of control (UAV-USA, UAV-JPN UAV-CHN, ROV-USA, ROV-JPN, ROV-CHN), social sharing features, directional and depth display, colour restoration features, image, and video file transfers.



Color Restoration

Instant Sharing

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