Discover how drones are simplifying difficult and dangerous tasks at construction sites.

How Drones Are Transforming Construction

Construction Site Mapping

Capture high-resolution, photo-accurate maps of worksites at a fraction of the cost of conventional mapping services.

Site Progress Monitoring

Create dynamic progress reports that provide an impressive 3D overview of your construction site, from never-before-seen vantage points.

Site Monitoring and Building Inspection

Safely inspect buildings mid-construction at a detailed level using high-zoom aerial videography, while reducing hazard risks to personnel.

Stockpile Measurement

Accurately measure areas and volumes in 3D space to estimate the amounts of stockpiled construction materials on-site.

Recommended Drones

DJI Phantom 4 RTK

With a built-in flight planning app (GS RTK) and an easy method to collect RTK data (RTK Network or D-RTK 2 Mobile Station), pilots have a full solution for any surveying, mapping or inspection workflow – right out of the box.

phantom 4 rtk
dji mavic 2 enterprise

DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced

Developed in partnership with FLIR, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced captures both visible and thermal imagery using its dual-sensor system. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced features an array of advanced controls in the Mavic series’ iconic compact design, including adjustable parameters for reflective surfaces and multiple display modes: FLIR MSX™, Infrared & Visible.

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